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By Mat

The following page will be a temporary format until we get our extension to the PhpBB.
It will be fully functional and if there should be any questions, forward them to Mat.

First off I'd like to introduce our donation system. We've developed a system where you purchase coins from this page, and we automatically add them to your account IG (Master account). Then when you're in the game you can type in a command, and a small menu will appear. From that menu, you will be able to use your coins for whatever you want, everything you could imagine from a name change to a luxury villa and much more. We've developed this system so that when we host events, we'll be able to award the winners with something valuable as coins.

We will have packages for everyone, if you look to purchase a single coin or if you're more into buying bundle packages.

What can I spend the coins on?
We will create a box on this page, showing all the features and their prices in coins. (To be created)

What do the coins look like?
The coins are made especially for this project, we've spent hours designing them and the final result will be shown here:

Image This is a coin bundle of 25 Light Roleplay Coins.

What's the estimated wait time from when I place the order till I get the coins?
The wait time will be a working progress, in the beginning, they'll be given manually by lead+ IG. When we get the system running, your master account will be linked to your forum account and they'll be given automatically when you press "buy now".

What's my money spent on?
Mainly the donations will be used on running the VPS, the forums, a hosted tab for the server, Teamspeak and all other expenses that come with running a gaming community. At some point, we'll hire professional scripters to develop and they'll, of course, be paid.

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